NeoCon 2016 recap

Introducing new products to the world of design

As we announced in our July news, we had a recap session on, “NeoCon 2016” at the Gregory Lyon office.

NeoCon is one of the largest interior design exhibitions in the industry, and has been held annually since 1969. In this blog, we will introduce the star products that were seen in Chicago!

Impression of the design change in the “color”
The main focus was basic colors of the fabric and the interior. Basically, blue, maple, green, yellow, brown, etc., are colors that are present in the natural world and put our lifestyles in tune with nature. Therefore, when you want the interior to give calm impression, these natural colors should be used.
Colors such as bright red give an opposite impression, because the strong color of red does not synchronize with personalities of the other fabrics.
However, it is effective when you want to emphasize one aspect of the interior as the cornerstone.

United States company“Maharam“, a maker of fabrics for items such as chair covers, rugs, and wallpaper, always surprises us with unique products that are a part of their brand. They have used a mix with a variety of colors to create a beautiful unique color, and they are a brand that knows how to utilize the beauty of natural color. It’s interesting to see the commitment of this company.

Maharam’s showroom exhibit at NeoCon 2016.
The diverse combination of colors is interesting to see!


Herman Miller Family of Brands’, “GEIGER ” display.
Many natural colors are presented.
Geiger Rhythm
received the, “Best of NeoCon 2016 Gold Award” for casegoods.

This is from the long-established furniture manufacturer based in New York, “BERNHARDT” Some pop colors
while utilizing natural color.

“Stellar collection”. Perfect for summer, with its motif of the universe
J+J’s exhibit featured the earth and sky in its, “Stellar” collection, which was inspired by the universe. J+J is a manufacturer that is known for high-quality commercial modular and broadloom flooring products.

“Milky Way”, “Terra Firma”, and, “Dune” were many of the themes that were presented, each one representing the impressiveness of the Earth and the universe.


The, “Milky Way” flooring collection.
With its chic colors, its reminiscent of a myriad of stars.

Herman Miller, “Living Office” initiative
At NeoCon 2016, Herman Miller announced a design concept that focuses on Living
Office. The showroom featured collaborative workstations with meeting spaces added into each workstation. (Living was also introduced in a previous blog for Office)

Information Gallery in the showroom.
Herman Miller specializes in office space theory and design, which was built on the basis
of their own research.


This is the Metaform Portfolio.
The theme is, “hyper-flexible, highly customizable.”
There is space for a desk and documents to be placed how you like- you can make your
office space exactly the way that you want it to be.

At NeoCon 2016, Herman Miller, as well as GEIGER and Nemschoff (both which are Herman Miller companies) won various awards, including, “Best of NeoCon”.

The colors and materials, and the combination of furniture is amazing. The world’s
leading design companies create excellent products for the world!

Please stay tuned for the next article.

Photos taken are also available on our Instagram(@Gregory_Lyon).