Recommended for employees who don’t stand at work

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Summer vacation has ended, and at this point of the season, we are getting ready for the second-half of the year. Having a big office makeover is a good idea.

Today, we introduce the desk that is “gentle on the body”, and is recommended to people who are sitting down most of the day.


Attention: Those who are sedentary
In recent years with people being able to work as long as they have a computer and the Internet, there has been an increasing number of people who are sitting in front of a personal computer all day. However, this sitting has been the subject of scientific research a number of times- did you know that this research has sounded a wake-up call that is becoming what is known as, “the new smoking”?

Modern people are sitting down an average of 9.3 hours a day. That’s more hours than you’re asleep. Among scientists, it has been established that the risk of health problems increases when someone is sitting down more than 6 hours per day. In addition, people who are accustomed to sitting for a long time every day shorten their life span by several years- even if they exercise regularly! Research has proven this. Also, chronic diseases and increased levels of stress seem to be a result of sitting for a long time as well.


Working in the way that the body was made for
So why does sitting harm your body? It’s because the human body was made for movement, not for sitting down. Therefore, standing while working is actually very effective.

Using this theory, Herman Miller designed and is selling a desk that improves the relationship between human and sitting- with technology.


Named for the way that the desk’s high flexibility wraps its user in an “envelope”,
Envelop also has an adjustable height. While the user works, the desk moves forward and down, supporting the wrists.



In addition, try to have a reclining posture when sitting at the desk. People often hunch forward too much to focus on the computer screen, but 135° is the angle that the body should be at.

It also would be good to try working while standing sometimes. Not only for a change, but to maintain the long-term health of your eyes.

Please stay tuned for the next article.

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