Herman Miller’s Living Office

Creating the best work spaces

It does you a world of good when you leave the office for a quick breather at lunchtime and look up into the summer sky.

Herman Miller first introduced his Living Office concept in year 2013. A Living Office is an office, but one that recreates this bright and harmonious working environment with a design plan that aims to motivate workers. As we spend the longest part of our day in the office it is essential to make it as comfortable a space as possible.


The Living Office is based on understanding what everyone needs from their workplace. The idea is that by placing human experience at its core, we can create a workspace that is pleasant and open.

People are at the core of any business and people are the most critical asset to any organization. So why aren’t more offices designed to support their needs and activities?

The key concept of Herman Miller’s Living Office is to build offices that bring humanity back to the workplace. By applying a design that takes into account the work that is currently done, its content and its circumstances, the office can be changed into a place that employees enjoy working in.

Today’s businesses are more diverse than ever before and depending on the type of work, the way we use our offices is very different as well. The Living Office attempts to reflect this diversity.

When you can create the best space for your purpose and what you want to achieve, efficiency and motivation are maximized.


Another essential part of the Living Office is choosing appropriate furniture and tools.
Herman Miller has published a list of suitable products that reflect the Living Office and which respect the individuality of employees and companies and help to create the office space from the very beginning.

Of course, the Living Office concept was also applied to Herman Miller’s offices.


This is the Herman Miller office in Mexico City. The placement of Eames wire chairs and Eames wood shell chairs forms a perfect balance between the formal and informal and creates a harmonious setting both for client meetings and internal project meetings.


This is the Herman Miller office in San Francisco. It is perfect for small spontaneous meetings and helps promote communication between employees. It creates efficiencies as ideas can be shared and problems resolved easily.
The board and Mirra 2 chairs provide the feature color in the design.

The possibilities for office design are endless. Why not try to incorporate Herman Miller’s ideas and products in your office?

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Product details can be found here:

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