Rainy Season Inspirations

Ways to Combat Indoor Humidity

As summer draws near, it also brings long weeks of rainy season. It usually lasts from June to mid July. Some typical climate characteristics are the sudden showers and the constant high humidity in the air.

Moisture is the bane of most wooden furniture, because wood changes dimension as its moisture content changes. Moreover, humidity could also foster mold growth in your home. Other than ensuring proper ventilation, what are some ways that help us fight humidity?


Did you know?

Thoughtful position of furniture prevents stuffiness in your home. One of the biggest reasons moisture accumulates is that air gets boxed in between furniture and the wall. It is likely to enhance mold growth in those unseen corners especially with dusts gathering.

To maintain reasonable humidity in your home, you should observe these following guidelines:
・ Do not push furniture up against the walls.
・ Choose furniture that has wire structure.
・ Create passages of air between your furniture.

One of our top brands, Herman Miller, specializes in wire-structured furniture that ensures great air passage in your home. In addition, leather furniture is great at resisting moisture, more so than those enclosed in fabric. With proper maintenance, your leather furniture is likely to withstand many rainy seasons throughout the years.

In this blog, we will share a few furniture recommendations for this rainy season.

Eames Wire-Base Table


During the late 1940s and early 1950s, Charles and Ray Eames created this innovative design using wire rods. There is no end to the things you can do with this compact table: lined up to become a coffee table, or scattered around to serve drinks. The wire-base also helps with passage of air.

Sayl Chair – Black


Inspired by suspension bridges, Yves Béhar created Sayl’s unframed 3D Intelligent back with amazing structures that deliver the most using the least material. This unframed suspension back also breathes extremely well in humid weathers.

Nelson Marshmallow Sofa


The Marshmallow sofa was designed in 1954 by Irving Harper, one of the most iconic designs coming out of George Nelson Associates, Inc. This creative design consists of a metal frame with round discs of covered cushions, which are removable and easy to clean.

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If the rainy season turns you into a homebody, that is all the more reason to arrange your house into a welcoming and cozy haven! Try out our home making tips today and keep the humidity in check. You might even enjoy what the rain brings!

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